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live in truth

STRENGTH will come from within

22 March 1987
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i'm 20 and finally feeling it. i now work for cheesecake factory. i have two mothers. i have a happy place, her name is nikki and she lives in holland. i have a twin, her name is rhiannon and no we're not biological. i have a best friend, her name is casey and we are amazing. i was born in the north but raised in the south. i have four piercings, all in the ears. i have three tattoos, one on my ankle, one on my lower back, and one on my right hip. i am really weird about numbers, i only really like even numbers, multiples of five, and the numbers twenty-one and occasionally nine. i cannot stand drama, i don't like it and i don't need or want it in my life so don't bring it around or you can expect us not to be friends any longer. if you wanna know more, just im me.

Stitch is Alien Love

Chewbacca is Furry Love

Andy's Toys are Fun Love

Friends is Ten Years of Unforgettable Love

New England Patriots are Dynasty Destiny Love

all colorbars above created by: justaredherring

The Nightmare Before Christmas is Haunting Love.

by this_is_fucked

Marriage is love.

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